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Government is looking for Web Development Experts!

The Regional Transit Authority is seeking a proposal for the re-design, development, and deployment of our agency website. RTA seeks a strategic partner with a creative and technical team that will quickly grasp its brand, values, culture, and strategic direction. This project will deliver a new, future-focused digital strategy and web presence that elevates the RTA and reflects best practices in design, content strategy, user experience, usability, accessibility, and technical implementation. 


The RTA is looking to partner with a vendor to create a streamlined and customized digital experience for community stakeholders, transit riders, participants, partners, and government leaders. We are seeking a vendor who understands the needs of a transit-focused organization and who will help guide us from website design through the development phase. We also seek ongoing services as needed to help support maintenance in the future. The vendor will work in collaboration with the RTA’s External Affairs team plus RTA leadership and staff.

RTA seeks a vendor to provide the following services to deliver a fully coded website, including:

  • Research and Data Collection
  • Site Map and Wireframes
  • Design
  • Content Integration & Management
  • Quality Assurance and Launch
  • Site Maintenance and Support


Final decisions about details of the scope of the services will need to be worked out with the successful bidder. Proposers should base their proposals and pricing on the below scope of work, and note any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc. with the below scope. RTA intends to award based on the below scope, and then negotiate with the successful proposer(s) to finalize the details of the scope. 

The agency shall work in coherence with the RTA staff to implement a suitable strategy for the agency providing a comprehensive and clear roadmap for the RTA’s engagement. 

Project Scope & Deliverable

  • Modern, clean design that reflects the RTA brand and highlights our strengths and values.
  • A site that is robust, yet flexible enough to continue to grow and evolve with our web presence.
  • The vendor should utilize historical site analytics to understand the patterns of our site users to better help them shape the experience of the new design.
  • A focus on user experience with an information architecture that organizes content in an efficient and logical manner.
  • Incorporate best practices to improve site visibility for increased engagement and search rankings and decreased bounce rates.
  • Responsive design to display optimally on a range of screen sizes and devices.
  • Provide a template/pattern library that offers multiple options for content display.
  • Use non-proprietary programming and frameworks for interactive features (ie: online ticketing, registering for events, integration with mappings, real-time route mapping, online surveys, and grant applications).
  • Google Tag Manager/Google Analytics.
  • Conversion rates for online apps and inquiries, increase engagement, decrease, bounce rates, and increase search rankings.
  • Render properly in widely used mobile-optimized and desktop browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, and Safari).
  • Needs to be compliant with RTA’s Title VI policy.
  • The newly designed site must be ADA compatible and compliant with accessibility interfacing ensuring equal access and usability for individuals with disabilities.
  • The newly designed site must be translated into multiple languages including Spanish and Arabic.
  • Develop integration of social channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, X, Vimeo, etc.
  • Development of CMS editorial workflows, approval workflows, and site permissions
  • The vendor must have a proven project management process and flexible timeline structure that allows for adjustment to the needs of the RTA team.
  • The RTA will obtain ownership of all design, code, and content of the website upon completion of the projects. 


  •  A minimum of three design concepts and three rounds of revisions.
  • Site map and wireframes
  • Process for automating/easing content migration.
  • Site style guide to include a page template library, typography, and various column layouts.
  • Quality assurance and beta testing launch plan
  • Training curriculum and integrations for staff internal management (updating, posting, and adding images, etc.)

Type of Contract

The contract will be executed on the RTA’s standardized Contract Form. Submission of a proposal by a CONTRACTOR will be understood as acceptance by that CONTRACTOR of the contract language. This solicitation will result in a one-year contract with the option of up to three one-year extensions based on performance.

Click here for RFP details.

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