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Are you a Data Management System Expert?

RFP for Environmental Health Data Management System

The County invites proposals from fully licensed and insured vendors to provide an Environmental Health Data Management System (DMS) for use by the Health Services Agency (HSA), Environmental Health Division (EH).

The County seeks a partner to provide a DMS that meets today’s EH business needs and scales to meet additional long-term needs. The selected solution needs to replace the current EH DMS, Accela EnvisionConnect, with a cloud-hosted solution that includes the capabilities outlined in the Scope of Services below.

The proposed solution must support all EH data and functional activities. This includes handling internal business workflows, reports and analytics, information security, customer portal functions, full integration with CERS, time tracking, and other requirements described below. The proposed solution must comply with local, State, and federal requirements.

EH seeks a solution which has the ability to track various processes across the Division. This includes internal tracking of permit progress, project status, facility inventory, certifications, and plan check status. In addition, the optimal solution would allow external users to track permit activity and project status.

The proposed solution must be available on mobile and desktop devices as well as contain an offline field inspection module. The County estimates approximately 50 internal users. It is the intent of the County to award all services specified herein to a single Vendor.

Scope of Services
A. The software solution shall include all functions related but not limited to the following

  • Program Management
  • Daily Activity and Time Tracking
  • Permitting
  • Service Requests
  • Billing and Payment
  • Inspections
  • Complaint Reports
  • Plan Checks
  • Facilities Tracking
  • Reporting and Data Analysis Tools
  • CERS Two-Way Integration
  • Online Payment Tool
  • Data Storage & Management
  • Public Records Access

Vendor must be an Environmental Health Data Management System (DMS) software solution provider that currently develops and implements DMS software solutions in the private and/or public sectors.

Vendor must have at least five years of experience in implementing, hosting, maintaining, and supporting DMS software and services.

Vendor must have successfully implemented a DMS software and service solution within the last two years at an environmental health agency within the State.

Vendor must have a software solution which currently integrates with CERS. The solution must be Cloud-based. Hosted, On-Premise proposals will not be accepted.

Technical Proposal Organization Guidelines
In order to enable direct comparison of competing responses, you must submit your Proposal in conformity with the requirements stated herein. The successful respondent shall be expected to fully meet all representations made in its proposal, including demonstration of project understanding, work plan, project schedule, project team, and cost proposal.

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