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Vendorship Inc. provides custom end-to-end vertical client solutions that coach and assist regional and global companies of all sizes and in various industries to submit and secure revenue-generating contracts with local, county, state, and federal U.S. agencies. 

We’re industry matchmakers who guide organizations through and around bureaucratic red tape and toward ROI and residual success. 

We deliver tremendous growth opportunities up and down the government contracting channel.

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Government contracts and RFP response is a complicated process. Our team was well coached to bid specifically for our niche.

We went through the navigation process and within a few months were shortlisted for a huge budget county proposal. We are not sure why we started the public sector this late, however we are happy we worked with Vendorship team who have helped us grow our business.

Not only was the weekly session both productive and challenging but their direct feedback for improving our deliverables was invaluable. The team has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected the dots for us. I can’t speak highly enough of the Vendorship team and their guidance.

The price tag of Vendorship Inc was definitely worth it.

The coaching and the navigation covered a lot of information, delivered in weekly action steps was easy to absorb. The coaching model was clear, logical and effective. Vendorship Inc has obviously put a lot of expertise into designing it.

But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from doing tasks, committed efforts from both sides, receiving individual feedback and interacting with Vendorship team.

Our team just didn’t learn “how” to bid “what” and “why” but also became much clearer.

As an IT focused staff augmentation company in business for a decade, we were skeptical to work with Vendorship Inc to optimize our recruitment sales, but Vendorship Inc was recommended by another startup we knew. Vendorship Inc helped us through a five month process that brought us more public sector leads.

When it comes to tricks and trades for government contracting process, Vendorship Inc help you make it happen. They have enabled our team, coached us and given us the confidence to be in the public sector. We are IT solutions business in operation for five years. We now have started to bid on relevant proposals understanding the market sector thoroughly.

Government entities are hard to do business with. Vendorship provides an opportunity for government entities to receive better responses to their RFPs.

It is an opportunity to do business better than the old and outdated way.

Vendorship creates choices. Choices benefit the government offices and with that the communities they serve, and the people in those communities.