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National Voter’s Registration Day

This week closes the recognition of something called National Voter’s Registration Day in America. Now we often present to our readers the question of why we are talking about a certain topic in the context of business. This subject really begs that question. What does registering to vote have to do with promoting and expanding business? Perhaps not much that we can defend. But what if voting was discussed as a business proposition? What if we discussed policy as a business proposition?

Diversity in business happens first because someone in leadership remains committed to doing things differently as he or she excels to the top. But diversity in business is sustained by the codes and standards cemented into the culture of a business. Consensus among the ranks of leadership is and has always been the electric current to the establishment of code and standards. Discussion, debate and then consensus only happen with the involvement of individuals – as many individuals (impacted) as possible. And here is the link.

Living and growing in the active world of regular registered voting, can be fundamental to living in the space of debate and consensus in the sustainability of – yes even you place at your job or the projection of your business. It is a level-up experience in life itself. Not to mention that it opens you to a fruitful understanding of the intersection of civic responsibility, commerce and innovation.

Now you know a little bit more than you knew two minutes ago. That’s always good for business.

Have a great weekend!

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