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Attention: Small Businesses Needed!

✅ Are you running a business that grosses less than $30 million a year? 

 Your business is strong, but your personal wealth is less than $850,000? 

You may already be qualified for special preferences designed and funded to get more diverse innovators and entrepreneurs into the lucrative business of government contracting.  Not just federal government contracts, but also state and local projects and concepts you discuss and drive by every day.  That includes government funded hospitals, clinics, schools and colleges, agency and utility facilities, on rivers and at ports, in big cities and the smallest of remote rural areas. 

We will keep repeating this appeal because this need is still growing. Pass this tip on to a colleague or friend. Let’s get more fresh ideas in the business of moving America. Reach out to us today with your general questions and we’ll take it from there.

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