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ServiceNow Implementation


Modules Implementing

Field Service Management

  1. The Implementation must provide sophisticated routing rules based on agent skillsets, geographies, contractual commitments, availability, affinity, workload, parts on-hand, and other custom priorities.
  2. The Implementation must support automated route optimization, dispatcher-invoked route optimization, and technician-invoked route optimization.
  3. The Implementation must support an interactive, drag-and-drop based Gantt chart to allow the dispatcher to manage work assignments.

I.T Service Management

Request Fulfillment

    1. Must track Incidents and Requests in separate tables.
    2. Must allow administrators or delegated administrators to create a catalog item once and have it accessible from a desktop browser or native mobile app.

Incident Management 

  1. Must track Incidents and Requests in separate tables.
  2. Must allow logging of incidents via email, web portal, chat, mobile app, and virtual agent.
  3. Must provide an incident deflection mechanism that displays relevant knowledge articles as an incident is being created.
  4. Must offer machine learning to automatically categorize and assign incidents.

Incident Communications Management

  1. Must enable users to create an incident communication plan.
  2. Must be able to set up contact responsibilities to identify who receives automatic notifications when incident plans are created and must allow self-service users to subscribe to incident communication plans.

Asset Management

  1. Must allow tracking of assets and configuration items separately with relationships and automatic synchronization between them when needed.
  2. Must connect to endpoint asset information sources like Microsoft SCCM and Jamf.
  3. Must track asset information such as state, procurement information, contracts, depreciation, and disposal information.

Service Level Management

  1. Must allow multiple Service Level Agreements (SLA), operational level agreements (OLA) or underpinning contracts (UC) to be assigned to a task to monitor and manage the quality of the services.
  2. Must be able to define start, pause, stop, and reset conditions for an SLA.

Service Catalog

  1. Must allow for the creation of one or more service catalogs that let users request items on a self-service basis through web portal, virtual agent, and mobile app.
  2. Must provide a catalog item builder that uses a visual, guided experience to enable non-administrators to create, maintain, and publish catalog items.
  3. Must provide a simple data-driven workflow to enable non-administrators to create fulfillment processes for the most common scenarios.

Knowledge Management

  1. Must be a Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) verified tool.
  2. Must allow access to knowledge articles from a mobile app.
  3. Must be able to create multiple knowledge bases for different groups based on user criteria like department and location.

Reports and Dashboards

  1. Must have native reporting, dashboarding, and analytics capabilities.
  2. Must provide hundreds of pre-built reports that can be copied and modified.
  3. Must support a variety of report types including bar, pie, donut, time series, multi-dimensional, scores, statistical, calendars, maps, and lists.

AI-powered Search

  1. Must provide a consumer-grade search experience that delivers personalized, relevant results that users can take action on right from the search results window.
  2. AI Search must use machine learning to continuously tune its relevancy model and improve search results over time; and natural language understanding to uncover intent and return personalized results and recommendations based on context


  1. Must provide native mobile apps for end users and agents.
  2. Must allow users to manage incidents, collaborate with teams, respond to approval requests, access the knowledge base, and receive push notifications with mobile app.

Service Portal

  1. Must provide a modular user interface framework for quick and easy building of application portals and dashboards that helps developers and non‑technical administrators create attractive and engaging user experience for web and mobile.
  2. Must provide search capabilities to find content in portal, with the ability to filter and tune search results for improved relevancy.

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