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RFP – Immediate Need: Master Data Management

Since the introduction of the US government-wide “Cloud First” strategy in 2010, public agencies have been encouraged to invest in IT and move to the cloud.

While annual federal spending on cloud capabilities continues to grow, and the remote work environment seems to stay, public agencies depend more on the cloud. Yet, many are still in the early stage of their cloud adoption.

A university system is looking to make the leap:

This data management system shall:

  • establish and maintain reliable composite records utilizing disparate people records and account records from a variety of source systems
  • identify and use the best data for each composite record
  • match records across the entire enterprise
  • link source data together
  • scrub and standardize incoming data to improve data quality
  • return that composite data to source systems to create understanding of a “360 constituent” view across the enterprise

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