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A Really Big Deal: Mother’s Day Afterthought

Restaurants were filled to the walls. Streets were mysteriously bare. Greeting card aisles had been ravished. Florists shut down and spent. Spontaneous cookouts popped up everywhere. One CEO was asked about his Mother’s Day weekend and he unloaded a full list of menu items and names of family members who had traveled and special gifts they all had resources to bear. “Mother’s Day for our family is just a really big deal.” His summation. 

The weekend meant a host of things – different from family to family. One common reflection for all families is that the magical significance of mothering is far reaching and broadly applicable in ways that impact us all and everything we ponder and do. Instinctive leadership in its highest form of efficacy comes from the same foundational place as does the magic of mothering. How we grow each team member, manage them equally, but see them individually. How we peer into each challenge when others strategically avert. When the playbook runs short of pages and detail, we – without defining it so – call up that ‘mom thing’ that knows no option but to figure it out in case-setting fashion. 

Okay, you’ll call it something other than magic. But in the end, it’s always a really big deal. Back to work.

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