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It’s Christmas!

Debatably, the most celebrated holiday season across this entire globe, irrespective of borders, cultures or ideologies. A commonality of simple feelings and acknowledged truths of individuals, systems and communities. For a moment – timely enough.

For a moment, we participate in thinking enough about others, and in doing so, rediscover our capacity to give. For a moment we engage the delight of others – even strangers – at least those we can’t avoid in line with us with other shoppers. For a moment, we think amiably about someone (one someone can be enough) whom we want to welcome back into our hearts. To try it, at least one more time. Rediscovering for a moment in a season, our capacity to be great in the prospects of the human experience.

It’s Christmas.

Let it be a spring of joy for all who’ve lost pieces of joy along their way. Let it be a vista of hope for those who know much too much of the corridors of fear. Let it be like the glee of a fascinated child for every person needing a boost of purpose. For every enterprise and for every innovator, let it refresh your will to serve a human need – that special ingredient of all success.

From your entire Vendorship team and our families, Happy Holidays and happy hopes for a more prosperous New Year.

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