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Vendorship Inc Secures Exclusive Spot in Capital One’s 2024 Catapult Program: A Transformative Journey in Innovation and Business Growth

Every year, the Capital One Catapult program carefully selects 10 businesses from a pool of top applicants nationwide to undergo an intensive six-month educational initiative. The primary objective is to enhance these organizations through a range of digital strategies. We are thrilled to announce that Vendorship Inc has secured one of the coveted spots in the 2024 Catapult program, standing out among hundreds of companies.

Vendorship Inc earned this recognition due to the innovative approach taken with their procurement platform tailored for minority and diverse businesses. The Catapult program, orchestrated by Capital One, is specifically designed as a transformative journey spanning six months. Its core purpose is to assist business owners from diverse backgrounds in addressing critical challenges, whether that involves solving complex business problems or creating entirely new products or services. The program achieves this by leveraging insights gained during the educational initiative.

Catapult is an intensive, six-month transformational learning journey for business owners designed to enable them to innovate and disrupt within their business and industry by developing a new solution to a business challenge while leveraging learnings from the program.

Based in Plano, Texas, the program unfolds through instructional courses, collaborative thinking workshops, one-on-one sessions with Subject Matter Experts, and dedicated advisers assigned to each participating company. Through this comprehensive approach, Vendorship Inc is poised to receive the essential building blocks necessary to tackle our specific business challenge. In essence, Capital One is generously providing Vendorship Inc with the resources required to elevate our procurement expertise to new heights.

The VendorshipJourneyTM is powered by more than 65 years of high-level executive government management, procurement and appropriations experience to better position any company, large or small, to sustain valuable longer-term partnerships with government to satisfy the shifting dynamics of community need.