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Indigenous People’s Day

Some reading this title will think this is some sort of protest of the notion of Columbus Day. It isn’t. This is simply another note from your friends at Vendorship to share an idea or two, through the lens of how great we are and the prospect of how great we can always be. The historical icon Columbus, indeed brought Italian heritage and European commercial interest to the Americas. Many who celebrate that truth should do so with pride. Many others who appreciate the broader story of those times – that many came before Columbus and that many more had been here 3,000 and 4,000 years before – should discuss and celebrate that truth boldly and colorfully.
It’s like the luminous history of the development of the United States’ economy of competing businesses. They all started somewhere in a humble state of existence. Not much differently from how you started your business interest. Your way, with the meager resources at your fingertips, grasping at whatever advantages that might be afforded you or that you could grab. You made mistakes. Some dark mistakes that hurt others. You were protective of your space and your ideas. You were also intrepid and hungry. Assertively curious, even bold in your forwardness. You were in many ways both indigenous and explorative. Business in America grew not despite that, but – with all of its complications – because of that.
Perhaps the debate should not be either or, but the full open review of the value of both. Navigating “true north” with the full measure of all that we are together.

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