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Our Highest Honor

Last week the White House awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to seventeen Americans. It is our nation’s “highest civilian honor, presented to individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the prosperity, values, or security of the United States, world peace, or other significant societal, public or private endeavors,” as expressed in the statement from the Briefing Room. They were athletes, activists, warriors, public servants, and explorers of something most dared not to explore. Together on the platform, they looked like a rather unusual collection of people you’d see tightly assembled together for any reason. Not a party. Not a school reunion. Not necessarily a company picnic. Perhaps not even a church service. Yet together, they could not have looked any more like America and the ordinary, every-day people we are as Americans.

They all have similar stories that reflect simple beginnings or otherwise simple experiences, not much unlike any of you reading this post. And not much unlike any of the great iconic names and stories of greatness that mark the history of the world. Just people like you and I. But humans like you and I who saw a narrow space to do something noble, and just did it. Some, despite odds, did it over and over again. Even in some cases, pursued it like an obsession with little if any regard for self.

We at Vendorship seek to affirm with everything we do, that greatness is a common prospect of every human that we each can easily cultivate of each other. The next counsel, instruction or correction you’re faced with delivering, the next challenge you’re faced with mastering, the next decision you must quietly ignore or embrace, see doing it as an honor – your personal moment of honor that would be recognized as such by the world.

The VendorshipJourney TM is powered by more than 65 years of high-level executive government management, procurement and appropriations experience to better position any company, large or small, to sustain valuable longer-term partnerships with government to satisfy the shifting dynamics of constituent need.