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A Brilliant Cybersecurity Opportunity!

Cybersecurity RFP

The City Transit Authority will assess the proposals presented and determine the best one or multiple services that meet their current capabilities and strategy for addressing the cybersecurity challenges. 

Consulting Service Requirements

Firms that propose their consulting services should provide the following: 

  • Provide references, projects, or case studies where the vendor assisted their customers in implementing or improving the adoption of the NIST Cybersecurity, Risk Management, or NIST SP 800-53 Rev. 5 frameworks to improve an organization’s overall cyber security posture. Ideally, the vendor would demonstrate how they improved the organizations maturity in any of the following objectives:
    • 3rd party, supply chain, or vendor management program 
    • Implementing and training the organization on their Cybersecurity Incident Response plan and procedures 
    • Playbook Development: Develop customized playbooks for the following incident types: ransomware attacks, business email compromise, and stolen credentials.  
    • Presentation-Style Exercise 

Staff Augmentation Requirements 

  1. The City Transit Authority representative will contact the Contractor to place an order stating the position required, typical job duties, The City Transit Authority contact person and/or supervisor to whom the temporary employee will report, the starting date, the starting time, and the approximate length of employment. 
  2. The Contractor will: 
    • Respond to all requests for temporary employees within 2 business days from the time a request is received. 
    • Locate, pre-screen and recommend supplemental personnel based on the criteria defined by The City Transit Authority. 
    • Scan/e-mail the resumes of qualified applicants to The City Transit Authority for review prior to the interview. 
    • Assist in the scheduling of interviews with qualified applicants. Perform the scheduling of temporary personnel for those dates and times as requested by The City Transit Authority. 
    • Provide references, background checks, and drug tests for temporary personnel before placement. 
    • Ensure that any temporary employee assigned by the Contractor reports to work at the specified City Transit Authority facility at the correct time and dress for public contact. 
  1. The City Transit Authority requires that the temporary agency provide test results as requested. Minimum requirements for each position are outlined in the job classifications section of the scope of work. 

Incident Response Services Requirements

  1. The company must be based in the United States. Additionally, any data pertaining to The City Transit Authority cannot be stored or transmitted outside the continental U.S. 
  2. The firm must have clear response time objectives outlined in their proposal. 
  3. The firm must accept and acknowledge The City Transit Authority reporting a potential incident within 4 hours. 
  4. The firm must assign an expert-level response team to act upon a declared incident within 12 hours.
  5. Discuss and agree on the objectives of each incident/breach to ensure both parties have a consensus on what to achieve. 


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