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For Those Who Dare to Dream.

This week in the United States, we commemorate and celebrate the life and legacy of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. An inspiring activist and visionary, he passionately spoke of a world marked by #peace, #equality, and #brotherhood – a world of prosperity and promise for all “little children.” Dr. King’s dream, echoing through time, envisioned a future free from the barriers and fears that often obscure such aspirations.

The once-imagined accomplishments of individuals collectively shape our world. From coast to coast, we live the results of innovation, the realizations of shared visions, and the amalgamation of our individual dreams.

In reflecting on this significant American memorial, consider your own aspirations – some in the making, some tucked away, and others undergoing the trials of time, resources, and daily challenges. Listen to the dreams of your loved ones, embrace the aspirations of your employees or team members. If you’ve momentarily lost sight of your greatness, purpose, and personal potential, take a moment to selfishly close your eyes and, once again, #dream.

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