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COVID-19 Continues to Generate Millions in Government Contracts

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a record number of global shortages of supplies and workers. While these shortages have created difficulties for the healthcare industry and business operations, it’s also created an opportunity for government contractors to step up and fulfill product and service needs. With traditional manufacturers struggling to meet demands for supplies and increased unemployment, contractors have jumped at the opportunity to snag bids. One in ten federal COVID-19 vendors is new to the world of government contracting.

Government contractors continue to play an important role in supporting the emergency response and workforce shortages. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is sharing info on the impact of COVID-19-related contracts and analyzing the types of contracts and what organizations are awarding the most—keep reading to learn more. You can also get a visual breakdown of COVID-19 contract spending HERE.

Applying for government contracts is a challenging process that requires businesses to have an understanding of what organizations specifically desire. Whether you’re new to contracting or need assistance with the application process, our highly experienced team knows how to position proposals in order to secure contracts at local, country, state, and federal levels. Contact Vendorship to get started.

View examples of some COVID-related RFPs below.


Contact Tracing RFP Example


Scope of Service:

Vendor needs to provide local health support services for covid-19 case investigation and contact tracing to the government authority located in Boston, MA.

– Funded entities will expand their epidemiologic staffing, and to the degree necessary their public health nursing and other staff, to accomplish the following public health responsibilities:

1. Investigation of 100% of laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 among their residents

2. Investigation, with DPH support, of 100% of cluster of cases of COVID-19 among their residents or occurring within their jurisdiction

3. Identification of 100% of close contacts as defined by DPH

4. Communication by phone, in person, or by electronic means with 100% of cases and close contacts to provide instruction in isolation and quarantine requirements as indicated

5.  Timely reporting of the status of case/cluster investigation and contact tracing efforts per current public health regulations (105 CMR 300.000) to the Massachusetts Virtual Epidemiologic Network (MAVEN)

6. Support for individuals with expressed challenges observing isolation and quarantine instructions, to be coordinated with social services, childcare, nutritional, transportation, housing, mental health, and other practical supports at the local level.

7. Conducting of timely and complete analyses of case/cluster data to describe local COVID-19 epidemiology

8. Maintaining current staff training and proficiency.


Vaccine Management RFP Example

Scope of Service:

(1) Vendor needs to provide a targeted approach to vaccine provision, marketing and administration for COVID-19 to the government authority located in Raleigh, NC.

– Proven track record of administering COVID-19 vaccine to include storage, handling, non-clinical administration, and clinical vaccine administration; the ability to submit monthly invoices for processing and payment; knowledge and use of established FDA EUA principles and guidelines; the provider shall be an established covid vaccine management system provider and meet all state requirements for the administering covid-19 vaccine; ability to provide appropriate clinical decision making and management by providers who are properly licensed or certified in state.

– Mobile clinical vaccine administration services to include indoor and outdoor service delivery models; shall be able to administer a maximum of 400 doses per event; developing a vaccination plan for each vaccination event; support the assigned Provider strike team with planning support as it relates to identifying, scheduling, and organizing mobile vaccine events; send a CVMS Recipient Administration Report no later than 12-hours after every completed mission.

(2) All questions must be submitted no later than September 3, 2021.


PPE RFP Example

Scope of Service:

(1) Vendor needs to provide personal protection equipment for the students and staff including clear transparent face masks; vinyl or nitrile gloves; disposable face masks items; nitrile gloves to the government authority located in TX.

(2) All questions must be submitted no later than September 02, 2021.