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Be Smart Despite the Inflation Hype

Remember, most economists encourage a usual rate of 2% inflation to be healthy for economies and business. Not 0%, but some inflation at about 2%. So, let’s first try to ignore the hysteria about any general failings due to inflation. Ignore the news hype and the politics and focus on what you have planned for and what’s moving your particular customers in the moment.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll see that the lines of some companies are still as long with customers, and in some cases, those lines are a bit longer. That’s because the smarter, more focused managers are paying attention to the fact that inflation does not run away consumers, but inflation impacts consumers to spend differently. Some managers understand that the time is ripe to shift some work schedules and explore some different ideas. That’s smart business during usual business cycles.

And as for those companies that have come to realize the value of maintaining long-term business relationships with the government, business opportunities could not be greater than they are now. In terms of general statistics, almost every American who can and wants to work, can find some level of employment. Economists call this “full employment.” Full employment means full-steam-ahead for governments to push ideas to grow communities, because arguably, more people are paying attention, and more people can participate. Does it make sense?

Check out this short video and stay tuned to us for some tips from your Vendorship team.