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Seeing Mothers…

In every way, they first see themselves – for who they are, for what they feel, and what they believe, and when they change, in their God-given will to change. From day to day, they feel, adjust, grow, and repair our world. Over and over again, they repair our world. When others make a mess of our world, as a few – just a few – others disrupt our love, our order, and our collective peace. That motherhood of all of us – no matter the ‘who’ of us – repairs, nurtures, and lays to rest our worst at our worst.

They come from every direction, from every corner, looking the same through the eyes of their common maker. Moving in all directions as the world shifts and twists and gives birth over and over again. They are as diverse as they are great. Their diversity – you see – keeps them great.

An extraordinary miracle they are. All of them, each one of them – an extraordinary miracle.

How will you see them? How will you hear them – tomorrow?

From the Mothers at Vendorship.