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Indiana Targets Workforce Growth Through Skills Training


A partnership between the State of Indiana and 180 Skills will allow up to 100,000 Hoosiers to gain key workforce skills free of charge through an online library of courses.

Individuals who enroll will have the opportunity to complete courses designed to improve general employability skills applicable across job sectors or develop the foundational knowledge necessary to enter Indiana’s sizeable manufacturing industry.

The 180 Skills partnership is part of Indiana’s “Rapid Recovery for a Better Future” initiative led by the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet.

As part of Rapid Recovery, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) is teaming with Indianapolis-based 180 Skills to ensure Hoosiers have access to online skills training programs.

DWD is charged with helping employers enroll individuals in the training programs through its Work One Centers and Adult Education providers across the state. Self-service enrollment for individuals interested in the programs is available by visiting

“The Indiana Department of Workforce Development stands ready to continue to assist Hoosiers during these challenging times,” DWD Commissioner Fred Payne said. “One of the most powerful tools to help people recover during times like this is education and training that leads them on a pathway to success.”

Course offerings range from general employability skills applicable across job sectors, such as acing a job interview, mastering Microsoft Office products and improving communication skills, to more advanced courses in manufacturing that can culminate with the opportunity to gain industry-recognized credentials.

Groups expected to take advantage of the courses include recipients of DWD’s Adult Education program, such as people who have earned a high school equivalency, in addition to people benefitting from Vocational Rehabilitation Services, and employees seeking to improve their workforce skills.

The Rapid Recovery for a Better Future initiative is expected to apply $50 million in federal funding to education, workforce and individual needs through the Next Level Jobs program and other initiatives, according to the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet. Information about the increased eligibility, program offerings and funding caps currently available for the Next Level Jobs program can be found here.

Indiana’s hub for Rapid Recovery,, provides support and guidance for individuals searching for a new job or seeking education and training programs, such as short-term and often industry-recognized certificates.

DWD’s partner in the skills training initiative, 180 Skills, has created a vast library of skills training for aerospace, automotive and commercial manufacturers, in addition to many other areas and sectors.

A library of more than 700 online, interactive and competency-based skills courses enables manufacturers, educators and workforce professionals to make career-aligned, organized skills training accessible to everyone.

All Hoosier who are unemployed or otherwise impacted by COVID-19 are eligible. Enrollment is simple by completing an online form.