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Getting You Ready… Our Mission

Over $650 billion of work on the dashboards of states, counties and cities all across America, and not enough diverse innovators are truly ready to play.  That’s right, federal infrastructure projects have gotten the go-ahead and we’re all about to see ground being broken.  Some huge visible projects. Some not so visible or huge, but vitally important as maintenance and operational upgrades. The next few posts from us will examine these types of projects and the kinds of preparation lanes you may fit in. 

In most cases, governments large and small may only see a problem, with no new solutions. That’s where you come in. The innovator with vision and creative ideas. And, that’s where Vendorship comes in.  In a few days, we’ll be headed to the River Valley Black Chamber of Commerce to present possibilities to business leaders from 15 Georgia counties. It is our mission to get them ready and to fast-forward public-private success stories.  

Of course, that isn’t as easy as said. But there couldn’t be a better time to explore the journey. No matter the current level of your business, there is work and potential for you. And if you are a city or a county, or a state community or economic development official, let us help you put action stars on your dashboard. Reach out to us; we’ll explain on your terms, how we do what we do.