March 2021 Newsletter: Federal Contracting

Welcome springtime and to Vendorship Inc.’s March Newsletter.

With a new presidential administration firmly in place, and information technology initiatives at the top of its forward-looking agenda, federal government contracting has become a hot-button topic throughout the IT community this year.

But where to start?

Unprepared companies entering into the mind-boggling $660+ billion public sector may find themselves challenged by a 404 proxy before even completing the first qualifying round.

That’s where Team Vendorship comes in – we dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s in government IT contracting:

From SBA Certifications (Woman-Owned Small Business Program (WOSB), HUBZone Program, 8(a) business development), STARS III subcontracting opportunities, and proposal writing and support, to SWOT strategies, RFP identification and vetting, as well as quality assurance and continual process improvement, Vendorship Inc. guides the process end-to-end. 

So this month we’re devoting our updates, emails, panel discussion etc. to this topic to educate prospective clients and partners on the process. Additionally, find out how Vendorship identifies and delivers custom-sourced RFPs on federal as well as state and local levels and provides end-to-end services for successful bidding.

Consider the General Services Administration which oversees $66 billion of procurement annually. Taking precedent from continuing COVID effects this year of its many business lines is the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) whose Technology Transformation Services (TTS) helps federal agencies improve delivery of information and services to the public. 

Key initiatives include the Presidential Innovation Fellows program,18F; FedRAMP; U.S. Web Design System; and I.T. Modernization Centers of Excellence.

Now consider the trillions of dollars in this continuing COVID era available to qualified technology vendors as the government aggressively invests in cloud-based infrastructure and cyber security initiatives, among many other forward-looking directives under the new presidential administration. 

Recent reports indicate the fed has allotted almost $53.36 billion toward its 2021 civilian federal agency information technology budget. The 2021 budget figures do not include the portion allocated to the Department of Defense or other classified IT spending. As leadership and government priorities change, the IT budgets allocated to different departments tend to follow suit. 

As tediously deep as deft to navigate, federal contracting can provide a highly rewarding diversification strategy across IT and traditional business spectrums.

That’s why Team Vendorship is dedicating the month of March to the topic of federal government contracting. 

And how we position IT firms and other professional service providers to win in this increasingly diverse yet highly-lucrative financial labyrinth. 

“We’re dispelling as many myths as misconceptions surrounding federal contracting, says Vendorship Inc’s

Madhu Chatterji, Director, Records Management/Client Champion. 

Other objections we often receive from first-time applicants revolve around how onerous the process is perceived to be. But what’s crucial is to have a team like Vendorship to help client + partners look in the ‘right places’ as we do in our tailored approach.”

More ahead for March ✔️

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Federal Contracting: Myths, Facts & Figures.

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