• Dr. Nazeera Dawood

    Co-Founder / President
    After a rewarding career as a medical doctor her passion for prevention prompted her to obtain a master’s...
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  • Sabine Genet

    VP Marketing
    Sabine has a MS in Marketing and has gained her experience in international SMBs and start-up marketing,...
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  • Madhu Chatterji

    Director, Records Management
    Madhubanti has been directly associated with the field of public health for several years. She pursued...
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  • Susan Pulla

    Business Relationship Manager
    Susan comes with a diverse experience of working within the corporate sector as well as startups.
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  • Shawntel R. Hebert

    Chief Legal Officer
    Shawntel R. Hebert is an experienced attorney partnering with in-house counsel and human resources professionals...
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  • Seema Kohli

    Director, Proposal Management
    Seema has diverse proposal writing experience in different domains and is involved in our whole proposal...
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  • Remya Raju

    Training Center Authorization, Manager
    Remya has a MS in Engineering Management and over 5 years experience working as project manager in the...
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  • Rose Mugisha

    Associate, Proposal Management
    Rose has over 10 years of public health experience in data collection, data management, data analysis,...
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“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
Phil Jackson