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The History of Women in 2022 ?

Given the political climate and the reexamination of social tolerance in America and the world, what is supposed to be a summary view, is left to linger as a question. In our struggle to find a fitting epilogue to this Women’s History Month we couldn’t move beyond this image.

Global Conversation

The global conversation about women in business is usually and quite unapologetically, centered around characteristic terms like, resilient, flexible, empathetic, focused, malleable, able to adjust and keep pace, and juggle everything and anything. Fine. That’s still a good ad.

But defiance is usually not at the top of those more conversational terms. We, the women of Vendorship, want to nudge you to reflect on defiance as the paramount attribute behind the mystique of women.

Woman in Business

Whether as a woman, you are a public official serving in the highest level of a nation or state, or a powerfully resourced global icon, or the newest C-suite key holder, or the intern that everyone seems to ignore, or the former academic star on campus who now has to prove she can think and win, or the single mom with an idea, the determination to “be” is the common denominator and the distinction.

It plays out in the minds of too many men as a bit of an oddity, because it is never calculated as an asset – just an astonishment. A wonder of outcomes. But to the woman, it is all she has ever had: No other place to go but in her stand. For business – especially for business – that’s an asset of assets.

While we with all fitting sincerity pray for the women and the mothers of Ukraine, we want to implore all others across every ocean to reflect on what they can do today to celebrate, sustain, advance and exemplify this marvelous story of women.

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