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White House Contracting Equity Goals… and YOU

It’s been more than a year since President Joe Biden announced a commitment to double the number of federal contracts going toward small, disadvantaged businesses. The commitment would amount to nearly $100 billion in additional contracts for SDBs through 2026.

“In terms of overall vitality in the theater of new ideas, it should be a bit concerning, even to large more stable contractors, that not enough growing entrepreneurs are getting better settled into the government contracting space.” ~ Nazeera Dawood, CEO Vendorship, Inc.

Since the report was published emphasizing this kind of special initiative, we are still seeing too much misinformation and lack of information with regard to how businesses can take advantage of it. “To tackle complex societal challenges and better serve the public, government agencies must collaborate internally, across agencies, with the public, and with industry to take advantage of diverse expertise as well as the lived experience of the people they serve,” the report said.

As collaborative commitments go, we will continue to implore and help more growing companies to step into this lucrative and vital business space. Click us in to your day to find out more.

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