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Cybersecurity Program Implementation

The city seeks proposals from qualified & experienced vendors to implement a cybersecurity program


General areas of concern include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Access Control 
  2. Account Management 
  3. Audit and Accountability 
  4. Communication Protection
  5. Configuration Management 
  6. Continuity 
  7. Incident Response
  8. Information Protection
  9. Monitoring and Malware 
  10. Organization 
  11. Personnel 
  12. Physical Security 
  13. Plans 
  14. Policies 
  15. Policies and Procedures General 
  16. Portable/Mobile/Wireless 
  17. Procedures 
  18. Remote Access Control 
  19. Risk Management and Assessment 
  20. System and Services Acquisition 
  21. System Integrity 
  22. System Protection
  23. Training

Implement Cybersecurity Program, which includes the following:

  • Conduct a Risk Assessment and Implement Appropriate Controls
  • Create Methods to Report Cybersecurity incidents & suspicious activity.
  • Create and Exercise Incident Response and Recovery Plans
  • Provide Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Program
  • Technical support for 5 years
  • Other Related Work

Continued Support

  • Technical support for five years
  • Revise the program 180 days after implementation

Providing bid phase services

  • Supply a sufficient number of bid documents for each of the contracts bid on under this program.
  • Receive and, when appropriate, provide answers to questions properly asked by bidders.
  • Review bids and issue a bid report with recommendations for the award of the contract for each of the contracts bid under this program.

Fee Structure

  • The proposal shall include proposed hourly costs for everyone’s performing services described above and for any services additional services offered by the engineering company submitting the proposal. The total compensation, including direct expenses, shall not exceed the estimated amount of $300,000.

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