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    Immediate Need: Turnkey Employee & Leadership Development Program
    A major metropolitan city’s economic development office administers a diverse variety of loan, grant, tax credit and other incentive programs designed to develop its economic viability.. This rapidly-growing municipality seeks a qualified and experienced consultant to provide consulting services to support data analysis and program recommendations for its anti-displacement tax relief fund strategy and implementation
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  • Terms-Aspiring-Government-Contractors-Should-Know
    Terms Aspiring Government Contractors Should Know
    As you break into government contracting, it's essential to learn how to speak the government’s language. Familiarizing yourself with common government acronyms and terms can help you build relationships and win contracts. Whether you're interested in local, state, or federal opportunities, here are some of the top terms you need to know as you navigate the world of government contracting.
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  • The-Consequences-of-Bribing-Government-Officials-to-Get-Lucrative-Contracts
    The Consequences of Bribing Government Officials to Get Lucrative Contracts
    While most contractors win bids the right way, some may see an opportunity they want at all costs and decide to take a shortcut to get it. Corruption in government contracting can be a slippery slope or a leap off a cliff. Either way, it’s unethical and illegal. Some forms of reciprocity are deemed appropriate in the business world, while others, like kickbacks and bribes, are entirely unacceptable.
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  • 2021 Trends and Budgets
    RFP – Immediate Need: Master Data Management
    Since the introduction of the US-government-wide “Cloud First” strategy in 2010, ...
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  • 2021-6 Cybersecurity Training
    RFP – Immediate Need: Healthcare Cybersecurity Training Provider
    This current government RFP seeks cybersecurity training providers to convene state-wide healthcare and public health entities to examine cybersecurity considerations associated  with the interruption of Healthcare Infrastructure elements initiated by cyber disruptions.
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