April 2021 – Checking In Webinar

April 2021 Checking in Webinar 

Healthcare IT – The Present and The Future of Better Care

✔️ About our April Panelists

Erin Hess

Statewide Services Administrator

Florida Department of Health

Shiva Nadarajah

Cofounder & President

JOGO Health Inc.

Darin Gilstrap

Founder & Managing Director

InnerCityMedicine Network

During this month’s webinar we discuss the pandemic and the challenges as we continue to deliver any and all products and services in the large public health and medical sectors and the developing solutions. 

Practitioners and policy makers alike create, track, analyze and share but entities don’t always agree to the extent necessary for best possible outcomes. 

✔️ Where is medical care along with medical records management headed in the short and long-term? 

✔️ What types of technology solutions are already available to tackle some of the pertinent challenges?

✔️ How do we ensure individual care and public health with proper data management and cybersecurity measures while protecting private information?

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